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Ugly Sweaters featured by Hip Image at Calgary Chamber’s Small Business Conference

October 25, 2016

By Monique de St. Croix

Buttercup had so much fun at the Calgary Chamber of Commerce Small Business Trade Show. Despite being in the “surf theme zone” among palm trees and surf boards, beside the beach bus next door to the lemonade stand and all things summer, we were in full preparation for booking of Christmas parties. Our theme was Ugly Christmas Sweaters.

“We need some ugly sweaters,” I said to my partner Jo. “Nah, we’ll just use yours,” she replied.

Indignant, I responded, “They aren’t ugly, they are vintage!” Twenty-three years after the fact, I am still quite pleased with my 1950s bonafide curling sweater thrift store find. “Check out the ugly sweaters I scored at the thrift store,” says Jo, pulling them out of the bag with flourish. Like a broken record, I repeat, “Those aren’t ugly those are vintage!”

I’m not sure if I should be proud or embarrassed that eight times out of ten, our enthusiastic Photo Booth Go-ers selected “my” vintage sweater as their ugly sweater choice for a prop!

I’m going with proud!

It was a fantastic day at the trade show, where we saw old friends, and made many new ones too. Our little business is growing. We are committed to having fun and making each event unique and special for our clients.

Have you had a chance to book with Hip Image yet?

As far as Vintage versus Ugly sweater, all I can say is this: I can hardly wait for winter! I’m going to wear each ugly, er, I mean vintage sweater with pride sometime this season!cold weather, bring it on!

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