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NEW! Accessible Overhead 360 allows access for all!

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360 pic Our 360 video booth gives guests an unforgettable experience! With our pro studio-grade camera rotating around them capturing footage from all angles, we create stunning, variable-speed videos that capture their look, energy and fun moves matched to a music track. Each session is ready in under one minute, perfect for instant sharing.

We’re excited to unveil our new Overhead 360 which allows anyone to participate including people with limited mobility or mobility aids. This new unit not only is accessible, it also allows more people – up to 10 – to join in the fun! With two size options including our standard platform, we can accommodate both large and small spaces and events.

In the age of content creation, our 360-degree photo booth stands out as a unique, brandable experience optimized for social media. We can enhance your videos with special effects for a personalized and uniquely branded touch.
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FAQ 360 Photo Booths
What is a 360 video booth?
A 360 video booth is a unique event attraction where guests either stand on a platform or under an overhead rigging while a studio grade camera rotates around them, capturing stunning, variable-speed videos from all angles. It's perfect for creating branded, fun and shareable content.
How many people can use the 360 video booth at one time?
Our 360 video booth can accommodate up to 5 guests on the elevated platform simultaneously or our new Overhead 360 allows for up to 10 people to be in the scene.
What type of events is the 360 video booth suitable for?
The 360 video booth is versatile and ideal for various events, including corporate events, trade shows, private parties, grads, weddings and more. It adds a unique and interactive experience for guests.
How much space is required for the 360 video booth setup?
The space required depends on the platform size you choose. We offer two platform sizes to accommodate different venue sizes and event requirements. Contact us for specific dimensions and setup details.
How long does it take to set up and take down the 360 video booth?
Setup and takedown times vary depending on the event location and booth configuration. Typically, setup takes about 1-2 hours, and takedown takes about 1 hour.
Can the videos be customized with special effects and branding?
Yes! We offer options to add special effects, custom overlays, and branding to the videos. This personalization enhances the guest experience and promotes your event or brand.
How quickly are the videos available for sharing?
Videos are ready in under one minute, allowing guests to instantly share their experiences on social media and other platforms.
Do guests need to do anything special during the recording?
Guests simply need to stand on the platform, and the 360 video booth does the rest. While additional moves or poses can enhance the final video, the booth is designed to make everyone look great effortlessly. Our pro team is on site to help direct your guests so they look their best in the final product.
What is included in the 360 video booth package?
Our rental package typically includes custom design of your overlay, royalty-free audio track, the 360 video booth, an elevated platform or overhead rigging, a studio-grade rotating camera, setup and takedown, on-site technicians, and options for special effects. Specific packages may vary, so please contact us for detailed information.
How can I book the 360 video booth for my event?
Booking is easy! Contact us through our website or call us at 403-827-9820. We'll discuss your event details, availability, and any customization options to ensure the 360 video booth perfectly fits your needs.
Is there a limit to how many videos can be recorded during an event?
There is no set limit to the number of videos that can be recorded. The booth can operate continuously throughout your event, allowing many guests to enjoy the experience.
Do you provide on-site support during the event?
Yes, our professional technicians will be on-site to ensure the booth operates smoothly and to direct guests as needed.