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NEW! Game changer for photo and video experiences Face Swap & Background Removal

Artificial Intelligence is bringing new and exciting features for interactivity in photo and video booths alike. From facial recognition to face swap to background removal, AI helps us create even more awesome experiences that are making photo booths that much more exciting for guests.
AI is revolutionizing the photo booth experience by adding a layer of creativity and personalization like never before. With intelligent filters, real-time enhancements, and interactive features, AI transforms each snapshot into a unique, memorable moment, making every event unforgettable.”

- Jo Williams

How does AI work for photo or video booths?

Through AI, we can differentiate between human subjects and background in any photo or video. We can then add different effects, automatic beauty retouching, colour correction, and overlays making the action real-time at your event with our cutting edge software.

We can design a themed or branded background behind your subjects, add fun effects to make your guests pop, use freeze frames and more – the possibilities are endless. Take your photos and videos to the next level by creating customized experiences for your guests.

With AI Photo, we can instantly enhance your brand's social media impact with stunning, shareable photos.
Face Swap Background Removal Data Capture QR, Airdrop, and Social Sharing Custom Branding
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FAQ AI Photos
What is AI Face Swap technology?
AI Face Swap technology uses advanced artificial intelligence to seamlessly replace faces in photos with different faces in real time, creating fun and engaging images.
How does the AI Face Swap photo booth work?
Our AI Face Swap photo booth captures your photo and then uses AI algorithms to swap your face with another pre-selected face. The process is fast and the results are instantly shareable.
Is AI Face Swap technology safe to use?
Yes, our AI Face Swap technology is designed with user privacy and safety in mind. The photos are processed securely, and no personal data is shared without your consent.
What kind of events is the AI Face Swap photo booth suitable for?
The AI Face Swap photo booth is perfect for a wide range of events, including corporate activations, marketing events, galas, private parties and more. It adds a unique and entertaining element to any occasion.
How long does it take to process a photo?
The AI Face Swap technology processes photos in just seconds, allowing guests to see and share their swapped faces quickly.
What are the technical requirements for setting up the AI Face Swap photo booth?
Our team will handle all the technical setup for you. We require a power source and a stable internet connection to ensure the booth operates smoothly.
How do we share the photos taken at the booth?
Photos taken at the booth can be instantly shared via email, social media, or printed on-site, depending on the options you select for your event.
Is there a limit to the number of photos we can take?
There is no limit to the number of photos you can take with the AI Face Swap photo booth during your event. Guests are encouraged to have as much fun as they want.
Can the AI Face Swap photo booth be branded for our event?
Yes, the photo booth can be customized with your branding, including logos, event colors, and messaging, to ensure it aligns with your event's theme and enhances brand visibility.
Can we customize the faces used for swapping?
Yes, you can customize the faces used for swapping to match the theme of your event.
How do we book the AI Face Swap photo booth for our event?
To book the AI Face Swap photo booth, simply contact our team with the details of your event. We will provide you with a quote and coordinate the setup and operation for your event day.
What support is provided during the event?
A dedicated technician will be on-site to ensure the AI Face Swap photo booth operates seamlessly and to assist guests with any questions or issues that may arise.