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Hip Image Proudly Introduces Irvin’s Métis Trapper’s Cabin: A Tribute to Heritageand Ingenuity

March 14, 2024

Hip Image is thrilled to unveil our latest custom photo booth activation: Irvin’s Métis Trapper’s Cabin. This unique setup pays homage to the rich cultural heritage of the Métis community and celebrates the extraordinary life of Irvin Goodon, a pioneer in both the realms of business and cultural preservation.

A legacy of innovation and passion

Irvin at his trapper's cabin
Irvin enjoying a laugh at his trapper’s cabin in his home in southwestern Manitoba’s Turtle Mountains

Irvin Goodon, known fondly as “the pioneer of post frame construction” in Canada, was not only a trailblazer in the construction industry but also a man deeply connected to his Métis roots. His life’s work extended beyond the realms of business, touching the hearts and minds of all who knew him. In 2005, his significant contributions were recognized with the first-ever Aboriginal Business Lifetime Achievement Award from the Canadian Council for Indigenous Business.

More than a builder: A visionary and artist

Irvin’s passion for the natural world and his cultural heritage was evident in everything he pursued. Beyond his construction success, he was a visionary and an artist who founded the Irvin Goodon Wildlife Museum—a space where community, culture, and conservation intersected. Here, visitors could trade stories, share laughs, and learn about the natural world. His later years saw him designing intricate antler chandeliers, blending art with artifact in a dance of creativity and tradition.

Bringing the cabin to life

Inspired by Irvin’s museum and his collection, the custom Métis trapper’s cabin photo set was created by Hip Image to travel across the province for predominantly Indigenous special events. The cabin is not just a backdrop for photos; it is a fully immersive experience, designed to evoke the spirit of a true trapper’s cabin, adorned with artifacts and inspired decor from Irvin’s own collection.

A name with a story

Irvin (right) bring in a haul with his brother Ernie

Today, we officially dedicate this activation in memory of Irvin Goodon, naming it Irvin’s Métis Trapper’s Cabin. It’s a fitting tribute to a man who lived his life with zeal, touched the lives of many, and left behind a legacy of cultural pride and entrepreneurial spirit. His love for engaging with people at trade shows, where he could share a joke or make a trade, mirrors the interactive and communal spirit we aim to foster with this activation.

Celebrating on the move

The unveiling of Irvin’s Métis Trapper’s Cabin coincided with celebrations on National Indigenous Peoples Day, and it continues to travel to significant events like the Métis Fest at Métis Crossing among many others.

At Hip Image, we believe that each photo taken within this cabin is more than just a keepsake; it’s a piece of history, a moment of connection, and a shared memory. With Irvin’s Métis Trapper’s Cabin, we invite everyone to step into a world of tradition, feel the warmth of a rich cultural heritage, and capture moments of joy and community. This is more than just a photo experience—it’s a journey into the heart of Métis culture, inspired by a man whose legacy will continue to inspire generations.

Join us as we continue to bring this incredible activation to life, honoring a remarkable legacy, and creating new memories—one photo at a time.