Adventures with Hip Image

Hip Image Unveils New Branding: Celebrating Growth and Innovation in PhotoExperiences

July 2, 2024

Nearly a decade ago, Hip Image burst onto the scene with a charmingly retro VW bus, transforming it into a mobile photo booth that captured the hearts and smiles of countless participants across events. Today, we’re excited to announce a fresh chapter in our journey with a new brand identity that reflects our evolution: Hip Image | Photo Experiences. Our new tagline, “Never Ordinary,” encapsulates our commitment to delivering uniquely creative photo and video activations that go beyond conventional.

From retro to revolutionary: The evolution of Hip Image

Our iconic VW photo booth bus was just the beginning. Over the years, Hip Image has expanded its offerings, embracing a wide array of innovative photo and video experiences. From green screen fun to slow-motion booths, and from 360-degree videos to AI-enhanced activations, our portfolio has grown to include cutting-edge technologies that cater to diverse event needs. This expansion necessitated a shift in our brand identity to more accurately represent the breadth and depth of what we offer today.

Why “Photo Experiences”?

The term “Photo Experiences” signifies more than just a photograph. It’s about creating an immersive, interactive experience that captures memories in creative, engaging ways. Whether it’s a corporate event or a community gathering, each activation is designed to provide not just a photo, but a memorable, fun experience that reflects the essence of the occasion and the personality of the participants.

The philosophy behind “Never Ordinary”

Our new tagline, “Never Ordinary,” is a nod to our out-of-the-box thinking. At Hip Image, we pride ourselves on being innovators and trendsetters in the photo booth industry. Each activation is crafted to be unique, ensuring no two events are ever the same. Our team goes the extra mile to incorporate elements that resonate specifically with each client’s vision, making every interaction special and every moment capture-worthy.

A nod to fun and whimsy: The smile in our logo

Our updated logo maintains the playful and whimsical essence of Hip Image, underscored by the inclusion of a smile. This not only reflects the joy and fun our photo experiences bring to our clients’ faces but also embodies the spirit of creativity and friendliness that is fundamental to our brand. The smile symbolizes our approach to business: professional, yet fun and accessible.

Setting the scene for future innovations

As we move forward, Hip Image is dedicated to continuing to push the boundaries of what photo and video experiences can be. Our commitment to innovation and excellence is stronger than ever, and our rebranding is just a part of our ongoing journey to enhance and expand our services. We are excited to continue to bring smiles and create unforgettable memories for our clients.

Join us on our exciting journey

We invite you to experience the new Hip Image. Whether planning a corporate event, a personal celebration, or anything in between, let us help you make it extraordinary. With Hip Image | Photo Experiences, prepare for anything but the ordinary. Never ordinary, always memorable—that’s the Hip Image promise.

With this rebranding, Hip Image is not just revamping its look but also reinforcing its mission to transform ordinary events into spectacular, never-to-be-forgotten experiences.