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Capture memorable moments in the fully-restored Boler Photo Booth

August 16, 2016

We’ve finished the retrofit of our vintage 70’s Boler trailer and it looks stunning, both inside and out.


Our Calgary photo booth, also known as Bert the Boler, has been spotted at events and parties throughout the summer this year…and it is hard to miss!


Outside of Boler Calgary photo booth

Bert the Boler in action at an event.


“The Boler photo booth with its beautifully-restored design is attention-grabbing and great for boosting your brand at an event,” says Jo Williams, partner at Hip Image. “Show off your organization with fun photos and a fantastic add-on event experience for your guests.”


Special thanks for Margot Schulman of Schulman Design for helping to pick eye-popping colours and fabrics for the interior refurbishing of our photo booth. Inspired by candy, the colors are playful which help to create a fun vibe inside the photo booth. You’ve really got to see the work to appreciate it.


The photo booth experience is often constant laughs while you choose a fun prop for your photo. Become one of the Rolling Stones, dress up like a cowboy or cowgirl from the wild west or even a space alien. Hip Image provides you with backdrops and props to make your photos memorable.


Fun in the Calgary Photo Booth

Fun times inside our Boler photo booth


All of this fun happens inside our beautiful, fully-mobile Boler trailer. Maybe you’ve never heard of the Boler…Here’s a quick history on this Canadian icon from the 70’s.


History of the Boler Trailer


The Boler trailer was invented in Winnipeg by Ray Olecko, a car salesman who became fascinated with fibreglass and its potential.


While Olecko was camping with his family, he got the idea of a light-weight camper trailer made from fibreglass.


His first venture with fiberglass was the manufacture of septic tanks, they soon became an industry standard being lightweight and easy-to-ship compared to the steel and concrete models of the day.


It was from this experience with fiberglass that the Boler evolved, he commissioned the mold-maker for his septic tanks to make a two-piece shell for a small lightweight travel trailer for his personal family needs, a wife and two small children.


He never made any drawings and only had the design in his head. One unique design characteristic was the arched roof with rounded ends which gave the Boler its now classic egg shape.


Boler Photo Booth at Calgary Golf Event

Our photo booth at a golf event.


Olecko wanted an unusual name for the trailer and since the trailer looked a bit like a bowler hat, he choose the name, “Boler”.


The Boler was manufactured between 1968 and 1988, and approximately 10,000 units were sold. Hip Image is proud to have one of these rare Canadian-made trailers as one of our vintage photo booths.


“I wonder if the inventor, Ray Olecko, would have ever guessed that his trailer would be used as a photo booth?” says Monique de St Croix, partner at Hip Image. “As a creative person, I’m sure he would love the idea!”

Classic Fun and Pro Photos


We’re a mobile photo booth, but that doesn’t mean we’ve had to sacrifice quality. The photos taken at our booths are professional all the way.


“Forget about low-quality selfie photos at your events! Our Calgary-based Boler photo booth uses a DSLR camera and you’ll have high-quality prints in just a few seconds,” says Jo Williams.


Dress up in the Boler photo booth

Fun photos to capture your event forever.


The Boler, like all our photo booths, is connected to social media so you can upload photos to your Facebook or Twitter accounts, directly from the photo booth. You can also send photos by text message or email to share the fun almost like a live event.


Capturing your event or party with the Hip Image Boler photo booth leaves you with lasting memories…plus, you’ll actually enjoy getting your photo taken for once!


Western theme in Calgary photo booth

A western theme inside our Calgary photo booth.


“The nostalgic 70s look of the Boler, the hilarious themes and props, plus the professional-quality photos make the whole photo booth experience memorable… and so much fun!” says Monique de St Croix, partner.


To get started on creating a memorable photo experience, find out more about our Boler Calgary photo booth.

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