Does an attendant come with the bus?

You bet. Our certified Hip Image attendant will be on site for the entire duration of the time booked for your event making sure all goes smoothly.

Do you print the photos on site?

After your take your photo, you’ll have your picture in hand within approximately 10 seconds. You’ll also be able to email or share your pics via social media, email or texting, have access to your private online gallery so you can share, and download the hi-res images as you wish.

What does “unlimited printing” mean?

Unlimited printing means every guest will receive a single copy of their Hip Image session. But don’t despair, we’ll send you digital access to your photos so guests can print additional copies.

Do you need Wi-Fi?

We need Wi-Fi to run our most amazing social media kiosk. If Wi-Fi isn’t available, you can access and share your photos from your digitally stored files on our network after the event.

How about power?

Yes please. We will need you to provide power. We need that essential utility to power up the photo systems in the bus. If we can’t access power, then we can use a gas generator.

Do you travel (far)?

We can, but it might take us a while to get there! If you have an out-of-town event (outside of Calgary), we will do our best to make it. Let’s talk about how this can happen.

Can you personalize photos with our logo?

You bet. We always include our funky logo and a link to access your digital photos on the bottom of the photo. We can customize your photos to include your logo and some other aspects of the bus as well. Get in touch with us to brainstorm over some creative signage ideas.

What about weddings?

Hello… yes, we do weddings. We have some great ideas to ensure your guests have a great time at your wedding!

How many people can fit inside the bus?

Good question. Big people or little people? Four is a good number to start with, but we have squeezed a couple more in on occasion.

Can you bring the bus indoors?

Yes we can. We’ll need to talk specifics, and will need permission from your venue as well, but if you want to catch people’s attention, there’s nothing better than Buttercup! Again, we can have some fun with signage, so give us a shout and we’ll do some fun brainstorming.

Are you insured?

Absolutely. For up to $2 million.

What if there are mechanical or weather challenges?

If Buttercup is unable to make it to your event because of mechanical or weather issues you will be given a full refund.
Keep in mind that we can still operate with light rain. If it is impossible to operate the booth due to severe weather determined by Hip Image staff, and the bus has not arrived yet, customers will be given a full refund. If weather strikes during an event, the customer will be partially refunded if a large timeframe of the event was not used, determined by Hip Image and the customer together.

What if the bus, equipment or props are vandalized?

Who would want to damage Buttercup? If it does occur, the customer booking the event will be responsible for any vandalism guests perform toward the bus/equipment/props during the event. Thanks for understanding. We have put a lot of TLC, time, effort and funds into this and do our utmost to keep it in top shape for all of our guests’ enjoyment.

What about inappropriate behaviour in the bus?

This is another rare occurrence, but if a customer is using the props, hats, glasses, canes, or any other Hip Image property in a inappropriate, abusive or in a risky way determined by Hip Image, then we reserve the right to discontinue use of the items at any time during the event.

Do you rent the bus for a photo or video shoots?

For sure. Give us a shout and we can strike a deal.